It’s not overtime

I start a little early and I have been staying late. I suggested the workshops, and I want them to happen. I have to stay 30 minutes late and come in 15-20 minutes early to get all the promotional material completed. I don’t stay late expecting to get paid for it. I just really want to finish my work, and have a beautiful product. When I worked full-time it was difficult to get work done in an 8 hour day. Now, I am part-time and it is impossible to complete my work sitting at the reference desk. Of course, it comes with the territory. I was concerned I would be bored working part-time, but the students need my help. So, I am always busy.

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3 responses to “It’s not overtime

  1. You are conscientious, but don’t let your employer take advantage of you.

    • You’re right Bill. My boss does shoo me away, and tells me to go home. I was off last Thursday, and they put up flyers for me. It really is my fault. I do not want to burden other people, but I have to be mindful I am only part-time.

  2. Always best to stay busy 🙂

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