Accepting low salaries to get more professional experience

I am a cheerleader for getting experience, and working your way up. I decided to get my Master’s in Library and Information Science after being a paraprofessional for almost 10 years. I wanted more responsibility, authority to help patrons with their research, and the eligibility for promotion into Librarian positions. I am working as a part-time Librarian, and have gained some professional experience. I get call backs for interviews but the salaries are way below average. I know some organizations have budget restraints. I think a lot of organizations can pay salaries commensurate with our education and experience. Depending on what type of organization you work for I think you have to prove the value of your library degree and your skills. Discuss how your skills and education will improve the organization. My graduate degree has provided me with knowledge and research skills above and beyond the skill set of a Library Technical Assistant or a student worker. Do your research and never be afraid to ask for a better salary. You will not lose the job offer if you ask for more money.

I am extremely gratefully to be working. I am always thinking of my brothers and sisters looking for professional positions, and I am wishing you well.

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