Day One: ALA Virtual Conference 2011

I attended Day One of the ALA Virtual Conference 2011. I have to eat quickly before a couple of meetings, but I wanted to share my notes from the presentations so far.

Virtual Conference Exclusive Keynote—Privacy in an Era of Social Media

Keynote speaker: dana boyd

  • Digital flaneurs-contributing by being present in the social networking framework
  • Young people make themselves very vulnerable by their use of social networking.
  • Privacy as a network act
  • Librarians should be advocates for young people, and helping them managing and navigating what privacy is. Teaching young people media literacy.
    • Google +, is 18+
    • Gmail is also 18+
    • Young people lied about their age to get Gmail accounts then go to sign up for Google+ and lost their email accounts.
    • Google+ limits privacy, people want to keep people out
    • Google created a complex way to segment it.
    • 13+ is violated as well. Parents allow their children to join these social networks. They help them get around these
    • Danah boyd contact info: @zephoria,,

Download This!: How One Library Embraced Its Downloadable Future

Presented by Sandy Bolek, Website Coordinator and Holbrook Sample, Virtual Information Center Manager from at Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County

  • Downloading from library up 33.4%
  • 177% ebook sales were up
  • E-book 3%-5% of total book sales

Library’s Challenges

  • Downloadable collection was small
  • Not Amazon easy
  • Staff had little experience using downloadable material
  • Long wait lists for e-books
  • Patrons could not figure out what devices they could use with the e-books

Chicago Public Library #6 in the list of most downloadable collections. Rock on Chicago!

With increased marketing more e-books were downloaded!

Competing with Search Engines II: Strategic Partnerships: Libraries and Journalists

  • New Information Equation-nobody’s in charge, everyone can find information
  • New Tools: digital media, smart phones
  • Collaboration=results, wider visibility, increased participation, broader perspectives, community interaction, information literacy
  • Rutgers has School of Communication and Information

Civic Engagement Blog:

Beyond Books:

Via chat window:

I mentioned I get so many emails through RSS feeds, and this website tutorial was suggested:

A mini-course on infotention from Howard Rheingold, Journalist and tech guru


Natalie Binder: #libchat normally happens every Wednesday 8-9:30 p.m. EST

Via Chat:

Getting Started with Google Plus,

Seriously Social Leveraging Social Media


Presenter, Kolene Allen, Web Branch Manager, Grand Rapids (Mich.) Public Library

  • Why do libraries need to be use social media?
  • If you are not using social media you are not in the library.Your patrons are tweeting and letting their friends know about your library.


Presenter, David Lee King

  • How often will you post?
  • Who on staff will post on your library’s Facebook page?
  • Make sure more than more person has the username and password. If they leave they will take this info with them.
  • Use the Like button
  • Check out Facebook analytics
  • Most Important!-Tell your patrons you have a Facebook page, and ask them to friend you
  • Ask them to tell their friends about you to grow that user group

Shared via chat window:

Springfield City Library Teens via @Meg Aust-Anastasi, Springfield, MA

Question and Answer Session

  • Kolene Allen, Twitter followers seem to be more outspoken, and you can respond to those
  • @davidleeking, Facebook can increase library use, because they are interacting with the library online.


Pecha Kucha: Teens and Technology, YALSA-ALA11 #yalsapk

Presented by Karen Keys, Outreach Librarian, Queens Library

  • Pecha Kucha are 20 slides x 20 seconds, and you speak as the slides go. Slides move forward automatically.
  • It started in Japan, and was used by architects and designers who wanted to give brief presentations of ideas.
  • Pecha Kucha is Japanese for chit chat, sometimes called lightning chats.
  • Hopefully more entertaining than bullet points!

Presented by Wendy Stephens, Buckhorn High School, Madison County Schools

  • Parents watching and tracking teens
  • Teens hit with a lot info, and library is a system of information which can be a relief to students

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