My favorite part of Day Two at the ALA Virtual Conference 2011

I really enjoyed Amy Deschenes’, a Library Technology Specialist at Simmons College Library, presentation titled Creating a Mobile Presence in the Library. The content was great, and her presenting style was engaging. She discussed creating a mobile website versus an app.

Some great advice she gave was:

  • You might want to create a Redirect if your website has a lot of metadata or large images because it will load slowly.

She discussed Frameworks &Tools you can use to create your mobile website or apps. To create a mobile website you might want to check out: iWebKit or winksite. For creating an app you might want to look at: appsamuck, android developers network, or PhoneGap. Once your site is up you can use iPhoney, iPhone simulator, and W3C  mobileOK checker to do testing.

Build vs. Buy

If you do not have the time you might want to consider boopsie for libraries or Library Anywhere.

All of the above information was new to me, and I thank Amy for such an informative presentation.

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