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What was I thinking?!

I have scheduled myself to work 10 hours today. I am teaching a graduate research course, and I have to prepare a presentation in tomorrow’s staff meeting about tone in instant messaging. At least a slow day of reference has allowed my to work on projects.

A librarian’s job is never done!

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Virtual Reference and Instruction: What is it really like?

I just posted my proposal for the Library 2.0 conference. I would like to discuss what it is like to be an online librarian. A lot of people talk about providing online reference at the reference desk, but our methods are completely different, and very dynamic. You to have a certain personality to provide reference services in the first place. Then, to be in a fast paced environment where reference is coming at you from every direction is a different story!

Being a library director

I have always wanted to work in administration. So, recently, I was thinking what I would need to do to become a library director. What type of education?

I found this blog posting by Kenley Neufeld about Being a Library Director: What’s it all about?. 

I like this post, and wanted to share it.