Monthly Archives: January 2012

Library orientation prep

I finally decided to make handouts for the English 100 level classes I will be presenting to next week. I think I am going to meet with about 170 students! I will carry my water bottle around with me. So, my throat does not get dry from all the talking.

I am looking forward to it. I love giving BI presentations. The students are so engaged sometimes, that it really makes it worthwhile. You know they want to learn, and do well in their courses.


Happy New Year! Changes are coming!

Today was my first day as the full-time librarian at Wright College. I am so excited! I was a little nervous on the weekend. I have no idea why I was nervous, but I am happy I making this transition. I will have more opportunities to work with students on a deeper level, and provide them with the support they need.

I am looking forward to new things in 2012!