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The internet doesn’t lie!

wakeupI just started showing the Can’t lie on the internet commercial clip on YouTube during my library instruction sessions. It has been well received. I get some giggles, smiles, and laughs. I did have one student say he hated the commercial, but no other complaints. I discuss why instructors want students to use the library’s databases and books, and not the internet. I talk about how anyone can create information and there is no governing body regulating the internet. This is a good way to wake up the class. Playing a YouTube video or some other type of media always wakes up an 8am class!

Design Thinking: New ways to look at reference and instruction

The Virtual Crash Course in Design Thinking was referenced in this article in the ILA Reporter. The article suggested this design thinking course as a library retreat activity.

This quote sparked my interest in design thinking and I am planning to investigate further.

“We often ask smaller questions aimed at incremental improvement like “how can we improve reference?” What if we started asking big questions like, “How can we foster accomplishment, community, and creativity?” If we ask those types of questions and begin our design there, there are no wrong answers.”–Andy Burkhardt, Champlain College Library

World Book Night US 2013 is April 23, 2013

Hi res WBN logo 2013I am looking forward to passing out free books for World Book Night at Wright College. A student came up to my colleague last week, and she was so excited about WBN! She wanted to make sure she had the right day and time for the event. She said her public library was far away, and she read all the books she owned. So, she was excited to get a new book!

New “One Book, One Chicago” book is over 500 pages!

cpl2013bookcoverI just read the article titled ‘One Book’ choice details history of black migration to city from South about the One Book, One Chicago selection The Warmth of Other Suns. It is over 500 pages and non-fiction. We will have to start reading this one several months in advance of our October 2013 book discussion! I hope our students, faculty, staff, or community members will be willing to read the book and engage in a book discussion. When you have a book this long you only need one book a year. Instead of a One Book, One Chicago selection in the Spring and Fall.

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Free for Librarians! Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2)

I am going to this comic book expo for the first time this year. It will be held at McCormick Place. I mean it is free, and I love free! There are only 2 more days to register. The expo website has great FAQs that can answer all your questions.

$30/yr for no ads on free WordPress Blog, Great! (sarcasm)

I am probably late to the party, but I was surprised to find ads on my WordPress blogs. Have I been lucky up to now or what?  I do not remember getting a notification that ads will be added to random blog pages or anything. This was a surprise and disappoint to me. I have created lots of content for students, and I do not want them clicking on ads. Luckily only 2 blogs at this point display ads.