The internet doesn’t lie!

wakeupI just started showing the Can’t lie on the internet commercial clip on YouTube during my library instruction sessions. It has been well received. I get some giggles, smiles, and laughs. I did have one student say he hated the commercial, but no other complaints. I discuss why instructors want students to use the library’s databases and books, and not the internet. I talk about how anyone can create information and there is no governing body regulating the internet. This is a good way to wake up the class. Playing a YouTube video or some other type of media always wakes up an 8am class!

2 responses to “The internet doesn’t lie!

  1. Well isn’t that why we teach Information Literacy. We can’t disregard the voluminous information available on the Web. We just need to know how to discern worthy information.

    • I think your comment is a little intense. I never said I tell all students to avoid using the web. The students I showed the Internet does not lie commerical clip to are not allowed to use internet sources for their research assignments.

      I am not going to tell students to find information on the internet when their instructor has told me that they are only allowing students to use sources from the library’s databases and print collections. I do not grade their assignments so I am not going to refer them to the internet when the instructor will deduct points for using websites as sources. If the instructor allows students to use the internet I will discuss how to do searches on the web for academic, government, and organizational websites, how to verify the credentials of authors, etc.

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