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confusedjobcandidateMy colleague sent me the posting by Holly Lipschultz on about the adjunct faculty fair at the City Colleges of Chicago. I like to think we are extremely open to questions, and I am wondering why a librarian at CCC was not contacted for clarification about library faculty positions at CCC. What does the job entail? Do librarians teach credit courses? Is it a traditional librarian position? I felt the posting would leave anyone unfamiliar with faculty librarian positions with a lot of questions.  We are looking for talented people at CCC. Please feel free to ask us questions!

I just sent this email below:

“Dear Ms. Naomi House,
I am writing in response to the blog posting by Holly Lipschultz about attending an adjunct job fair for the City Colleges of Chicago. I wish someone had reached out to one of our librarians for clarification about the library faculty positions at the City Colleges of Chicago. We are happy to answer any questions.

If there was a posting for the Library Technical Assistant program it would have been indicated in the job description. The LTA program is not across all CCC campuses but unique to our campus at Wright College. Each college of the City Colleges of Chicago has a different focus, and the courses taught may vary. Since librarians within the City Colleges of Chicago are considered faculty many teach courses. They are still performing library outreach, reference, library instruction, library administrative duties, committee work, etc. along with teaching credit courses.

The application process for library faculty follows the same procedure as faculty within any other discipline at CCC. Of course, in other institutions that have faculty librarians the application may be different because it is overseen by the university library’s human resources department.

In terms of applying for positions at CCC you can say positions are posted toward the end of the semester to have people in place for the next semester, but positions can pop up at any time depending on a college library’s need, and those job posting can be found at the site listed on your job board.

Best wishes,

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  1. I received an email response from Noami House which was very quick. I appreciate that! She stated that I needed to contact Holly Lipschultz through a contact form, but she would forward my message. She was not required to do research and it was her observations. Of course, I responded by saying I hope those new to the field feel welcomed asking seasoned librarians questions.

  2. Just by chance I found your post when I Googled myself (ALATT got me to thinking about my search results again). I am so glad that you emailed me, and we were able to get some more information out there to help future applicants understand what CCC wants, and I hope it helps you guys get some excellent applicants.

    Looking back, I’m not sure why I didn’t feel comfortable about reaching out and asking someone questions. I know I had hoped to talk with a librarian at the faculty career fair to answer my questions, but that wasn’t the case as it turned out. Afterwards? Perhaps I didn’t want to be a pest. No, wait, I think that was probably exactly what it was. I didn’t want to be a pest, one of those annoying people who ask complete strangers questions, so I did a lot of research online to try to figure it out on my own before writing this post. Not asking enough questions is a flaw I am working on improving in myself.

    I very much appreciate that you and others welcome questions from newbies like us.

    • Hi Holly,

      Thank you for updating your post on about the adjunct fair with my comments. I hope it helps applicants too. There are many people close to me looking for work, and I am happy when they ask me and other librarians questions. It makes their applications stellar, and their interviews are usually a knock out of the park. When they do not ask someone questions and they tell what may have went wrong I wonder why they never asked me or someone else for help. There is room for all of us to be successful, and if I can help please ask.

  3. I noticed there was no link to the original article: INALJ allows anyone interested to submit story ideas and blog postings. Pretty darn impressed with Holly and hope her observations help others, including community colleges. Knowing how we are perceived and having it shared with us is helpful. Feel free to write for us Reina 🙂 With over 1,000 successes and a volunteer pool of 180+ INALJ is a big, beautiful thing- run by a full time librarian 🙂

    • Hi Noami,

      Thank you for corresponding with me in regards to Holly’s post, and sharing links and info about

      I hope we can continue to share the librarian love!


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