Staying connected via electronic devices

So many thoughts were running through my mind during the hyperlinked lecture. I am very intrigued by the digital native. I played PAC Man on my father’s computer when I was 4 or 5 years old, and when I was 12 or 13 my mother allowed me to carry her cell phone when I went to the mall with ma friend and that was the extent of my exposure to technology. I cannot imagine how young born with Smart phones, iPads, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence will view the world we live in.

I am continuously computing and it is worse since I bought a Smartphone a few months ago. My colleagues, friends, and family expect to get in touch with me very quickly. I always socializing with someone using one or multiply devices. I reply to work emails using my Smartphone and my mind never rests.

I work in the Learning Resource Center which includes IT, Math Tutoring, Writing Center, study areas, computer labs, books racks, AV dept., and library circulation and reference. This summer IT began to rent out laptops to students, today I taught information literay to a group students with an embedded tutor, and instructor that insisted I was more than a librarian a keeper of information. I explained to the instructor there are many names for librarian.

I have to more and more about technology, and I see college and university libraries needing “cloud librarians” and librarians to curate all types of information in the virtual world. I am looking forward to being a librarian in this new library.

One response to “Staying connected via electronic devices

  1. Glad you got to explain the true nature of a librarian’s work!

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