Emerging Technology Plan: Participatory Game to Enhance Student Learning of Information Literacy in the Community College Setting

Goal for Information Literacy Game

goalsThe goal of this project is to teach students’ basic information literacy skills by engaging them in gaming activities in the library.


Action Brief Statementactionbrief

Convince faculty and librarians that by participating in this information literacy game they will enhance student’s skills which will improve their grades due to increased research skills.

Evidence and Resources to Support Information Literacy Gametechnology

  • Connolly, M., Cosgrave, T., & Krkoska, B. B. (2011). Mobilizing the Library’s Web Presence and Services: A Student-Library Collaboration to Create the Library’s Mobile Site and iPhone Application. Reference Librarian, 52(1/2), 27-35. doi:10.1080/02763877.2011.520109
  • Peters, T. A. (2011). Left to Their Own Devices: The Future of Reference Services on Personal, Portable Information, Communication, and Entertainment Devices. Reference Librarian, 52(1/2), 88-97. doi:10.1080/02763877.2011.520110


Mission, Guidelines, and Policy related to Information Literacy Game


The mission of the game is to increase student’s information literacy skills before the point of need, improve student’s grades, and increase retention in classes with research.


Emerging Technology Committee

This committee with be responsible for creating policies for the implementation of this game.

Policy for Use of Information Literacy Game

The information literacy game will be administered by college faculty and library faculty within the college. Individuals that administer the game must provide student participates with evaluation to determine if future changes need to be made to the game. Administrators of the game are responsible for reporting any technical issues immediately to the IT department at the college.


Funding Considerations for Information Literacy Gamefunding

The college has received a Title V: Professional Development which can be used to support active and collaborative learning, first-year students, and at-risk students.

Required Staff Time

  • All librarians will have to serve on the Emerging Technology Committee and the Library Advisory Board
  • The Library Director will be responsible for securing funds and support for the project.
  • IT staff and librarians will collaborate in development and design of the game and website.
  • Library and IT staff will be responsible for troubleshooting technical issues related to game development and use.


Action Steps & Timeline

The library will need the support of the faculty to get students on board with participating in the game. If the faculty is not willing to participate by giving up class time or helping pushing the project forward we will need to turn to student organizations. The Student Government Association (SGA) can be a great supporter of these efforts.

The project flow is dependent upon of everyone’s support during the project timeline.


Staffing Considerations for Information Literacy Gamepeople

The staff needed to implement this project would include librarians, faculty, and IT staff. An exploration for special projects positions to implement game will be explored.

Training for Information Literacy Game

The librarians and faculty would be trained in the use of the game.

Promotion & Marketing of Information Literacy Game

Marketing On-Campusfunding

  • HD Television circuit
  • Email Blasts
  • College Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Library’s Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Word of mouth and faculty sharing this information to their students during class
  • Signs on school bulletin boards

Marketing Outside of the College Community

  • Local and Neighborhood newspapers
  • School’s electronic sign on street corner
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

Evaluation of Information Literacy Game

Forms of Evaluationsurveysays

  • Create student survey to determine ease of use of game for continued improvement.
  • Evaluate students’ improvement of research skills by maintaining a control group that will be compared to students participating in game to determine if there is improvement in grades and student retention in courses that require research.

Story the Game Will Tell

The information literacy game will further embed the librarians into the curriculum, and will show the relevance of information literacy instruction. This will prove the need for librarians to be involved in the development and evaluation of information literacy in the community college setting.

Future Expansion of Service

The information literacy game will be made available for use by other community colleges in Illinois.


Image credit: Survey says, www.videomaker.com


One response to “Emerging Technology Plan: Participatory Game to Enhance Student Learning of Information Literacy in the Community College Setting

  1. I like the idea of using a game to engage this audience. If the evaluation shows that these students are showing improvement in grades and retention, I think this could be a success and a model to follow.

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