Library Social and Participatory Service

I have learned so much in this class and it is hard to sum up. The biggest thing for me is my thinking has really evolved, and I am enthusiast about the future of my library. I know it is clique but anything is possible!

It was always difficult to see how I could implement technologies in my library without the support of my colleagues. It is hard to get support when no one understands the technology. I have learned how to support the implementation of new technology in my library, which is so valuable. I am excited to apply these tools to the workplace. I hope I can make a difference in my library.

I am inspired to create a game to teach students information literacy skills next Fall. Hopefully, I will get the help I need to make it happen. This Spring semester I am going to be teaching my first online course in the Associates degree program via Blackboard. I am excited to incorporate some of the techniques that helped me learn in this class. I am going to promote discussion and interaction between the students. I am considering a wiki portfolio of all of their work as a final project. This course has sparked ideas on so many fronts. I cannot name them all, but I am happy I had the opportunity to take this course.

Please check out my infographic that includes links some of my favorite bits and pieces from my blog posting from the semester. Link to Infographic:

12 responses to “Library Social and Participatory Service

  1. I think the wiki portfolio is a good idea. I’ve used pbworks for wikis.

    The service is quite cool. I like how you included videos in the infographic.

    • Hi Susan,

      Thanks! My colleague suggested pbworks, which she used with her reading class. I am thinking of creating a wiki in Blackboard. Although, we have limited features in Blackboard. I think we have a cheaper version.

  2. Great work pulling together your info graphic. I like that you included course deliverables and quotes that resonated with you and your practice.

    • Thanks @michael! I wish I had done more with the infographic, but I kept deleting parts accidentally. Then I would have to retype the information and links.

  3. Jessica Ormonde

    What a great info-graphic. I initially tried to make one for this final reflection, but I just couldn’t get it to click. Nice job making it flow.

  4. Amanda Thompson

    Nice infographic! I really like how well you organized it. I’m inspired to try one out for my next project.

  5. Thank you for the introduction to infographic. I love learning about new online spaces to create presentations and share information. I totally agree about how this course has opened my mind on new ways of teaching and learning. I like the idea of the wiki as the final project.

    • @melissagross 🙂 Yes, I am thinking would be a good way to work together. Maybe a Google blog or something would be easier. I do not want it to be tok challenging. I developed a Facebook page for the course as well.

  6. I’m such a fan of infographics and yours is very well done. The inclusion of your videos is a really nice touch.

    It sounds like you’re going to be transferring a lot of what you learned here on to your students very soon, lucky them!

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