Reflection on Hyperlinked Library Course

Structure of Course

Initially I was not exactly sure what I got myself into when I signed up for this class. We moved to the WordPress site for Blackboard and I was wondering how this course would be structured. In library school my reference used a Google blog, but it was a while ago. So, I do not necessarily remember what happened. The structure was clear and changing throughout the semester for clarity. For example, I appreciate you guys recognizing the module menu was getting unwieldy and needed to be adjusted. This is something I spoke to colleague about the other day at work as I was designing my online course. Those long drop down menus and buried content are not conducive to online learning.

Course Content

The Hyperlinked Library course content was fabulous! I feel like the most up to date and knowledgeable librarian. I go to meetings at work and reference readings, new technologies, the Horizon Report in Higher Education (one of my new favorite documents), and everyone wants to pluck my brain for information. I have a friend that works as an analyst in silicon valley and I told her to take this course. It is fab! She was very impressed Michael Stephens was my instructor and Aaron Schmidt was a guest lecturer. She was a little star struck.

My new obsession is gaming and gamification in the library. I hope to get the support of administration to support gaming in the library. We have 9,000 FTE and 3 full-time librarians, and in order to implement new technologies and programs we need more librarians. It has taken me almost 3 years to update the library website by adding online guides, video tutorials, an animated video, etc. Of course, I am the only one in my library with this level of technology literacy. I struggled to find a way to advocate for new technology, and the budget and personnel to support it. The Emerging Technologies Plan was a little bit of a struggle for me in the beginning. I could not wrap my head around how I was going to approach it. So, after a week of thinking and brainstorming I had a plan. I am thankfully for Michael’s feedback, because it helped me determine how to approach the next big assignment, the Director’s Brief. I took the feedback and crawled over my Director’s Brief to hit the points I missed in the previous assignment. It means so much to me to have the opportunity to provide such a service in my community college library. I am planning to present it to my college president during our meeting next week.

Last but not least…my final thoughts (I know we finally made it!)

Technology is always changing and the way we use technology evolves as well. I think this course has helped me take a new approach about how I learn about new technology. There are so many opportunities to use technology that I feel like I should have known about a year or two ago. How did I miss it? What was I doing? I thought I was keeping up to date, but obviously as a professional librarian I needed a new approach. This is one of the best learning experiences I have ever had, and I am grateful this course was offered.

One response to “Reflection on Hyperlinked Library Course

  1. So glad you enjoyed the course. When I discovered library and technology blogs years ago, I was abler to go to meetings and cite stuff as well. It was fun to be in the know and then show others how to “keep up.” Wish you the best!

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