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$30/yr for no ads on free WordPress Blog, Great! (sarcasm)

I am probably late to the party, but I was surprised to find ads on my WordPress blogs. Have I been lucky up to now or what?  I do not remember getting a notification that ads will be added to random blog pages or anything. This was a surprise and disappoint to me. I have created lots of content for students, and I do not want them clicking on ads. Luckily only 2 blogs at this point display ads.

What was I thinking?!

I have scheduled myself to work 10 hours today. I am teaching a graduate research course, and I have to prepare a presentation in tomorrow’s staff meeting about tone in instant messaging. At least a slow day of reference has allowed my to work on projects.

A librarian’s job is never done!

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Virtual Reference and Instruction: What is it really like?

I just posted my proposal for the Library 2.0 conference. I would like to discuss what it is like to be an online librarian. A lot of people talk about providing online reference at the reference desk, but our methods are completely different, and very dynamic. You to have a certain personality to provide reference services in the first place. Then, to be in a fast paced environment where reference is coming at you from every direction is a different story!

Being an Online Reference Librarian

I am finally getting used to being an Online Reference Librarian. At first I thought it was really different from doing reference in person. It is actually very much the same. I am serving the same students as I did at the community college. In addition to the problems of understanding assignments we have computer problems. Computer and copier problems in the physical library are different. You are there and you help the student by rebooting, or turning the copier off because it is overheated. They are sitting at home and we cannot help. Call tech support! Thank you Tech Support. We love you.

think know this experience is making me a better librarian and teacher. When you have to do reference interviews through chat you have to be very clear and to the point. You have a lot of students to help. In email you have to be clear as well. You do not want to confuse a student that is already baffled by the notion of an online library.  Teaching in a virtual classroom is something I never thought I would be doing, but it is cool. More to come… Image from:

Awesome! I got my first thank you on the new job

I am an online reference librarian. I started a couple of weeks ago, and have been intensely learning chat and email.

Yesterday, I went live and started to answer students’ emails. Today, I got my first thank you! It made me feel really good. I was really worried about clarity in my emails, but I said,”I am a librarian, and I can rock this!.”

I miss sitting and laughing with the students at Wright. Of course, I am still helping students, and it is just as rewarding.

I emailed a student, and she decided to call me. I guess she said forget this email I need to talk to a person. Some people are like that, and others prefer to chat and email.