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TED Talks Education on PBS

TED Talks EducationLast night I watched TED Talks Education on PBS, and it was really good. It was hosted by John Legend who added some pizzazz by playing the piano and singing between speakers. Geoffrey Canada presented, and he was a keynote speaker at ACRL. Since I did not attend the ACRL conference it was nice to hear him speak. Bill Gates spoke as well, he discussed teachers recording part of their lessons, and being in control of the camera. I know many teachers would not like having their lectures/lessons captured. The issue of using MOOCs in lieu of actual instruction is another big issue. This was recently discussed in an article from the Chronicle of Higher Education titled Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad MOOC?.A couple of things stood out to me. The first was Geoffrey Canada’s statement about how educators keep implementing the same education plan, but it did not work 50+ years ago and it still continues not to work in our schools.The second was Sir Ken Robinson’s statement that we have heard many times before that educators are facilitators of learning. The teacher is in the classroom and delivers the lesson, but the students may not be learning.

How do you assess distance learning and library instruction?

confusedWhen I joined Wright College as a full-time library faculty member many things related to education were foreign to me. I had a lot of questions and I was willing to ask anyone to get an answer. How do I get the students to stop talking? How do I get the students to put their cell phones away and to stop texting? I get an hour with 35 English 102 students how do I determine they understood my lesson? This leads us to assessment. You are thinking as librarians we keep statistics for everything, but determining if students are learning is a completely different ball game. I was fortunate enough to take the Faculty Development Seminar offered by the City Colleges of Chicago (CCC), and it was taught by two veteran faculty members at CCC. The instructors were Sharon Silverman, a library faculty member at Olive Harvey College, and Kennette Crockett, a English faculty member at Harold Washington College. It was just easy to learn from them with a room full of colleagues from other disciplines that were just as confused as I was about assessment, rubrics, syllabi, and active learning. Sharon Silverman my go to person when I have questions or I need to work out how I am going to engage students presented at the  ILCCO/NILRC conference: “Next Steps in eLearning”. As an instructor I was happy to see Sharon tie in the CATs (classroom assessment techniques) into her presentation. I learned a few things, and will be using CAT #28: Opinion polls in my Fall 2013 library instruction sessions. If you would like to view Sharon’s presentation check it out here!

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My World Book Night Experience…@wbnamerica

wbn_bdaycakeMy World Book Night experience was great and I really enjoyed handing out the books to students. Many students were surprised to have some random person hand a book to them, but none the less they took the book. The feedback from other book givers in the library was positive as well. I am happy to hear some book recipients were planning to give books to others or share it with a family member or friend. Swapping a book or passing it along is one of the best things about reading. My mother swaps and gives books away to friends and coworkers once she is done. I look forward to participating in World Book Night in 2014!

Tomorrow is World Book Night!

Hi res WBN logo 2013I am excited about participating in World Book Night. My library is participating as a group of givers. Some of the titles we will be passing out are The Alchemist, The House on Mango Street, The Lightening Thief, The Handmaid’s Tale, Glaciers…this is a wonderful event! How often do you get to pass out freshly printed books to unsuspecting students? 🙂

World Book Night US 2013 is April 23, 2013

Hi res WBN logo 2013I am looking forward to passing out free books for World Book Night at Wright College. A student came up to my colleague last week, and she was so excited about WBN! She wanted to make sure she had the right day and time for the event. She said her public library was far away, and she read all the books she owned. So, she was excited to get a new book!

New “One Book, One Chicago” book is over 500 pages!

cpl2013bookcoverI just read the article titled ‘One Book’ choice details history of black migration to city from South about the One Book, One Chicago selection The Warmth of Other Suns. It is over 500 pages and non-fiction. We will have to start reading this one several months in advance of our October 2013 book discussion! I hope our students, faculty, staff, or community members will be willing to read the book and engage in a book discussion. When you have a book this long you only need one book a year. Instead of a One Book, One Chicago selection in the Spring and Fall.

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$30/yr for no ads on free WordPress Blog, Great! (sarcasm)

I am probably late to the party, but I was surprised to find ads on my WordPress blogs. Have I been lucky up to now or what?  I do not remember getting a notification that ads will be added to random blog pages or anything. This was a surprise and disappoint to me. I have created lots of content for students, and I do not want them clicking on ads. Luckily only 2 blogs at this point display ads.

There’s a keyboard in his pants!

There are so many things I love about students, including their bizarre ways. 🙂

Last night at the reference desk, which is adjacent to the circulation desk a group of 4-5 students gathered. The students were carrying many objects. A wall clock, easel, fake flowers, and a student stuck a computer keyboard into the back of his pants. I was shocked. There instructor sent them on a scavenger hunt, and obviously this resulted in them ravaging the library for objects to present.

There is never a boring day!

Library orientation prep

I finally decided to make handouts for the English 100 level classes I will be presenting to next week. I think I am going to meet with about 170 students! I will carry my water bottle around with me. So, my throat does not get dry from all the talking.

I am looking forward to it. I love giving BI presentations. The students are so engaged sometimes, that it really makes it worthwhile. You know they want to learn, and do well in their courses.


Happy New Year! Changes are coming!

Today was my first day as the full-time librarian at Wright College. I am so excited! I was a little nervous on the weekend. I have no idea why I was nervous, but I am happy I making this transition. I will have more opportunities to work with students on a deeper level, and provide them with the support they need.

I am looking forward to new things in 2012!