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Should every librarian be on Twitter?

Technology is always changing. Librarians should go where the users are, but some librarians refuse to join in. I know people become complacent, and comfortable in their roles. This made me ask the question: Should every librarian be on Twitter? I know some librarians feel that there library does not need a Facebook page or a Twitter account, because they think their users are not using social media. As a librarian we should know what is happening with new technologies, and be able to teach it to our users when asked. I know we cannot master every new technology and gadget. I do not know every technology, but I never back down to anything new. If a student has questions about a new technology or software I take a few minutes to learn the basics. Then explain to them how to use it. Even if you chose not to participate new technologies will be developed. They will be used by your fellow librarians and library patrons.